Too Many Merchant Advances?

How a Reverse Consolidation Help Your Business Break the Cycle of Cash Advance? 

Q. What is a Reverse Consolidation Advance?

A. A reverse consolidation is not debt consolidation. The lender deposits money into the Merchants Business Checking Account to satisfy the current cash advance positions. Shortly thereafter a Smaller payment is deducted at an agreed purchase of receivables.

Q. Does My Business Qualify?

A. We can consolidate up to 9 advances.  A few NSF's is not a deal breaker. 

Q.  What if I have Modified Payment Terms with existing lenders?

A. We also work with Modified Payments, Restructured Payments and High Risk Advances.

Q. How much can you reduce my payments?

A. Our aim is to reduce payments by at least 50% maybe more. Sometimes we can consolidate the entire debt and give our merchants a "Monthly Payment Option. (every business is different) (not Debt Relief) 

Q. Can I get additional funding "upfront"?

A. Yes, We have several programs that provide upfront funding as well as a consolidation. Our goal is to help the merchant reduce daily payments and ease the strain of high daily payments. 

Q. How long is the term for a consolidation 

A. Terms for a Reverse Consolidation are 4-12 months

Q. Is a Reverse Consolidation also known as Debt Relief?

A.  Reverse Consolidations may provide additional funding while extending the term to support merchants who have overextended cash advance payments. 

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