Guaranteed Funding

With our Guaranteed Funding Program you can get funding for bad credit.

Our approvals are based on cash flow and other criteria not just a credit score!

Fast and Easy Financing!

  • Any Business Type
  • No Credit Score Requirement
  • Bankruptcy, tax liens, judgements okay
  • Stacking is okay
  • No Credit Check! 

How it Works

  • Guaranteed Funding 8 times a year
  • Every 6 weeks additional funding is deposited
  • Will stack on a current cash advance
  • Decisions in as little as 1 hour

The benefit of this type of offer is you get your money in increments rather than in one lump sum. Many merchants spend the advance within in the first month of their contract in a typical cash advance.

How a "Guaranteed Advance Works"

Example :  $40,000 Payback $54,000 $79.00 per day ACH.

In this example we are giving the merchant $40,000.00 with a payback of $54,000 with a daily payment of $79. Every six weeks we will continue to add the $5000  or sometimes we can increase the amount.

 Disbursement Schedule

  • April 1 – $5000
  • May 15 – $5000
  • July 1 - $5000
  • August 15-$5000
  • October 1 $5000

Submission Requirements

Average Borrower Profile

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